Chimichurri (Cilantro Pesto for salad dressings or marinating meats)

-         1 cup fresh parsley (flat leaf or curly, packed)

-         1 cup fresh cilantro (packed)

-         1 cup fresh mint (loose)

-         2-3 garlic cloves

-         1/4 medium onion

-         3 tablespoons. white vinegar

-         Juice from 1 fresh lime

-         1/4 cup olive oil

-         1/2 serrano pepper (optional, or use jalapeño)

-         Salt & pepper to taste

-         Water as needed

1     Okay, this is the hard part: put all the ingredients except for the water into a blender and blend. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. You may need to add water as you go to give the chimichurri some consistency. The lime juice, vinegar, and oil should be just about enough, so add water only if you need to. You want a finely blended mix that has the consistency of a pesto or chutney.