Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an innovative way to connect the consumer and grower with each making a commitment to one another.  A CSA is basically a partnership between the farmer and the member, where a member commits to purchasing a significant portion of their seasonal food directly from the farm, while the farmer commits to growing a diversity of produce throughout the season.

In beoming a member of the farm, you purchase a share in advance for the entire growing season, becoming a 'shareholder'. We the farmers, in turn, commit to growing a variety of vegetables for weekly delivery. From mid May to mid November you will be provided with freshly harvested produce from our fields. The bounty will vary from week to week and month to month depending on the season.

A CSA is many things, some of which are:

  • Connecting the consumer of farm products directly with the farmer, thus supporting local agriculture while saving the consumer money and providing them with an understanding of how their food is grown and harvested. This is a cost savings if the same high-quality produce was purchased at retail prices.
  • Ultra fresh produce because it is grown and picked for the shareholder each week.
  • The shareholder is exposed to new vegetables and new ways of cooking as members exchange recipes and cooking techniques.
  • The shareholder becomes connected to the farm, the land where their food is grown and to the farmers who grow and harvest their food.
  • The shareholder learns to eat with the seasons when subscribing to a CSA. One won't find tomatoes in your share in May nor will you find many greens in your share mid summer!
  • Sharing the risk with the farmer. Occasionally a farmer may experience a crop failure due to weather, pests or disease. The member will also experience this crop failure by not having the expected amount of produce delivered. When the farmer has an abundant harvest, the shareholder reaps the benefit by having a extra produce for great feasts, preserving or sharing with friends.